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VSAT Internet Services

Sandstream Offers various bandwidth services depending on our clients specific needs.

Shared Internet Services

A Satellites bandwidth is limited, therefore satellite network operators introduced the shared Services Model to utilize bandwidth on the satellite most efficiently.

Through data management techniques, such as TDMA, a pool of bandwidth can now service a number of remote sites.

The services are controlled by offering varying contention ratios such as 2:1, 4:1  and 10:1. 

Bandwidth that is not utilized by one site, can be accessed by others allowing for high quality broadband services at reduced pricing to the end user

Dedicated Internet Services

Corporate clients running special applications or VPN’s that are latency or bandwidth sensitive, prefer to run their data on unshared 1:1 dedicated links.


Dedicated links guarantee higher service level criteria which are critical to these networks.

Point to Point Data solutions

Point to Point satellite links connect two remote sites directly to each another in a single satellite hop connection.

These services offer the highest level of security and the lowest latency over a satellite connection.

Round trip latency is typically 550ms. 


The hardware required to setup these links at each site is larger than an internet service landing at an international Teleport.

Group Bandwidth Solution

Utilizing our iDirect HUB, we are able to setup custom made service solutions, such as Bandwidth pools.

Clients with a number of sites in the same satellite footprint can purchase a pool of bandwidth and share the services exclusively amongst their own sites.


The advantage is that the bandwidth from offline or low usage sites can be redirected to the other sites, giving the client the full benefit of their investment.

Occasional Use

Short term projects and

Special events.

On short notice, Sandstream will supply internet for special events held in remote locations, such as conferences, bush weddings, Mining and Construction site offices.

Special Events


Sandstream offers occasional use bandwidth to Media broadcasters working from remote locations.

We can connect news agencies to their studios, either Africa to Africa, or Africa to Europe.


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