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Satellite Internet - South Africa

High Speed uncapped internet



Satellite Footprint

Satellite Coverage

Sandstream offers satellite internet throughout Africa, on Ka-Band,

C-Band and Ku-Band platforms. 

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet

Dedicated and shared satellite Internet services, with fixed monthly costs and no data capping.


Occasional Use internet

Occasional Use 

Short Term Satellite Internet

for Film Production, News reporting,

exploration crews or special events. 

1. Always ON fast Internet

2. Quick to deploy

3. Secure Data Transmissions

4. Independant of Government Operators

 New High Speed 

Internet Services

Southern Africa

Consumer Packages

Sandstream Ka-Band Satellite dish

Now Offering customers Uncapped and capped High Speed

home and business internet packages.

Eutelsat Konnect Logo
Avanti satellite logo
Eutelsat Logo 2020.png

  • Ka-Band

  • Small 74cm antenna.

  • High download speeds.

  • Uncapped & Capped packages

  • Starting from R899 per month.

Intelsat Epic Logo

  • Ku band

  • Intelsat Epic Unlimited

  • High download speeds.

  • Uncapped or Capped packages

  • Starting from R450 per month.

Amplus 5 Watt C-Band BUC
Amplus 20 Watt BUC
Ku LNB.jpg

Sandstream are official distributors

of Amplus VSAT hardware

Contact us for a quote

Amplus Communication VSAT

VSAT Hardware

iDirect supplied by Sandstram Telecoms
Hughes Network systems

VSAT Internet

VSAT internet is a technology that allows the user to send and receive internet data using a satellite dish from anywhere within the coverage area of a particular satellites footprint.

Sandstream offers satellite internet services on a number of satellite footprints over Africa in 

Ku-Band, Ka-Band and C-band frequencies.

The size of the remote site antenna/dish is typically a 74cm (Ka-Band) -1.2m (Ku/Band)

or 1.8m for (C-Band)

Sandstream offers both shared and unshared internet packages, landing at our International Teleport in Europe. 


All Ku/C Band data plans are uncapped/unlimited.

Shared internet services are available in various contention ratios (see FAQ) and the dedicated bandwidth is based on a 1:1 unshared service plan.

Avanti Ka-Band
Newtec supplied by Sandstream Telecoms
Eutelsat Logo 2020.png
Kogel Bay dishes with mountain.jpg

Movie Set Cape Town January 2021

High Speed Eutelsat-Konnect  30/5 Mbps internet, supplied and installed within 48hrs on a beach in Cape Town.

The installation included Wifi hotspots and Wifi networking to cover all the beach filming locations.

Critical Services

July 31, 2019

Sandstream is installing high speed internet services for the monitoring and control of fire / Alarm and industrial systems at mining sites all over Limpopo.

Movie production

October 31, 2018

Sandstream provides 8 x High speed Ka-Band internet systems for a leading film production company, making a movie in the remote Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape.

IBC Broadcast Conference Amsterdam 2019

September 12, 2019

Meet us at the IBC Broadcast Conference in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

13-17 September 2019

Educating the Nation

June 03, 2018

Sandstream is playing their part in uplifting and educating the youth by installing satellite Internet at rural schools around the country.

Rangers Can Fly..... At 15 Mbps !

March 10, 2018

A Luxury Game Lodge in The Thorny Bush Reserve has installed high speed internet at their ranger accommodation.

Quick Response

September 26, 2017

Sandstream responded to an urgent request to supply VIP guests with Satellite Internet

at a remote Game Lodge in Africa.

In less than 24 hours,  Sandstream installed and connected a Royal Family with a 5 Mbps dedicated internet connection, landing in Europe.


May 22, 2017

Sandstream provides Satellite Internet for Wedding guests at a remote game lodge in Africa.

Luxury Safari Weddings , a premium wedding destination planner, uses VSAT internet to create a Wifi hotspot for the wedding guests at a luxury game lodge.

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